Daisy Badge Placement On the Daisy’s uniform, place the insignia tab, a yellow ribbon, on the upper left chest of the tunic or the vest. Promise Center & Learning Petals Set for Girl Scout. Vest (or the Girl Scout Daisy Tunic) is used for placement of official insignia. Just when we know what to do with the Daisy patches. Girl Scout Daisy Vest for official or ceremonial occasions.

There are many ways you can help your girls learn about the 10 Girl Scout Laws. Daisys can earn patches for their tunic called Petals. Daisy Girl Scouts are 5 or 6 years old or are in kindergarten or first grade. Low’s Birthday February 22nd Thinking Day March 12th Girl Scouts. Promise Center & Learning Petals Set for Daisy Girl Scouts. Download these diagrams (Adobe PDF) showing placement of.
 Daisy Patch Placement: Ok - here's my problem

Made in USA. Daisy Petal Set and other
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